Liebscher and Bracht pain therapy Hamburg

The Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy is one of the leading methods of treating pain. This therapy is based on over 25 years of development and practical experience by Dr. Petra Bracht and Roland Liebscher-Bracht.

Our opinion: live without pain is possible when the pain is treated properly.

Most of the patients treated with the Liebscher-Bracht pain therapy feel less pain or free of pain and more relaxed after the treatment – without medication or surgery. The basis for the highly effectiveness of this therapy is the discovery that not the wear and tear or damage causes the pain, but muscular-fascial false tension. This false tension causes to so-called alarm pain, with which the brain wants to warn the body against damage. Tense, shortened muscles, as they result from unilateral use, trigger reaction patterns in the brain, which subsequently manifest as pain and blockage in muscles and fascia. The therapy uses pain as a signal and sets with the help of the special osteopressure technique directly on the bone manual impulses. They order the brain to reorganize the movement processes at maximum speed, to “let go” of the pain and to make room for optimal function and movement ability.

Roland Liebscher-Bracht brought his special knowledge of rotation, leverage and power transmission from his studies as a mechanical engineer into therapy; Dr. med. Petra Bracht her experience as a doctor. This created a unique, natural and highly effective method.

Our practise in Hamburg is one of the leading institutions for the Liebscher-Bracht pain therapy. We are holding the highest Liebscher-Bracht certifications and are working for years exclusivly with this therapy.

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4days special treatment

Here is how it goes:

You arrange a trip to Hamburg in Germany, one of the nicest cities of Europe on your behalf. A small vacation and perhaps a start into a new live!

For example we can start the day after your arrival:

Liebscher Bracht Therapy

Day 1: diagnosis & first treatment & excercises (approx. 2 hours).

Day 2 + day 3: controll & excercises (each day approx. 1 hour).

Day 4: second treatment & excercises (approx. 2 hours).

You will be provided with all needed excercise equipment and manuals for your individual training.

All treatments together are 1.500 € incl. excercise equipment.

Payments are due 14 days in advance of the treatment.

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Therapy-arrangements, perhaps for you and your partner or the hole family are also possible.

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